12 Things To Check When Buying A Second Hand PhoneMore Australian’s are now buying second hand smartphones and tablets than ever. Have you ever wanted to buy a pre owned mobile phone but feel hesitant? 

Our checklist is the only checklist you’ll ever have to read when buying a second hand mobile phone.  As Australia’s number one second hand mobile phone online retailer, we take pride in our checklist that we use for used phones and tablets.

iCloud Activation Lock (If you’re buying an iPhone/iPad)

You can check the Activation Lock using Apple’s website

IMEI blocked (For any cellular device)

Australian’s can check the lost/stolen status of an IMEI by using AMTA’s IMEI checking tool.


Test every physical button on your phone or tablet and make sure they are fully functional. Be on the lookout for any sticky buttons or buttons that are abnormally depressed/elevated.


There is no definitive quality test for a LCD screen, just be on the lookout for screens that are:

•             Unresponsive to touch

•             Rough to the touch

•             Extremely dull or sharp 

•             Noticeably cracked or has bubbles

•             Significantly discoloured

If you notice some slight discoloured rings around an iPhone 5/5s/5c screen, it means that it is an original screens. It is an inherent side effect that is a result from their screens’ bright whites.

Sound (Headphone/speakers)

Test the speakers and headphone jack by playing some music that you hear often.

Camera (Back and front)

Take a photo using the front and back camera. Test the flash and focus as they are quite important as well. 

After taking a photo using both cameras, go through the photo and look for any discoloured spots or blurry areas. If you find any, they are most likely due to either dust in/on the camera lens or micro scratches. Most camera lens cost between around $70-$100 to replace if you include parts and labour. 


Avoid phones that do not make or take calls, it could be one of the following:       

•             IMEI blocked

•             Damaged motherboard (potential write-off)

•             Network locked


WiFi: Try tethering your phone to make it a WiFi hot spot if you do not have access to one. 

Bluetooth: Test the phone’s Bluetooth by syncing your phone to the one you are testing.


Check your phone’s storage space in the settings to ensure you are receiving the correct model.


If you have access to a power bank or a car charger then this will be easy to check. Simply plug your phone into a power charger to test if it charges.


You may need to download an application such as Battery Life if you are using an Apple device. For Android devices, there is generally a function to check the phone's battery usage life in the settings section. 

Structural Integrity

It’s best to avoid any phone that has a bent frame or with parts out of place (structural damage)

Scratches and minor dents are generally the result of wear and tear (cosmetic damage).

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