Thinking of giving away or selling your mobile phone or tablet? Here are 5 things you should do before you hand your phone away.

1. Remove Your SIM Card

Your SIM card can contain sensitive information including your contacts depending on your settings, however, most modern smartphones store this on your service account where that be your iCloud or Google account.

If you have an iPhone, you will need a SIM card ejector tool to remove your SIM card. The video below shows you how you can remove your SIM card on an iPhone.

If you have an Android or Windows smartphone, your SIM card most likely be inside the case. If the case is not removable, you might need to look around for the SIM slot.

2. Remove Your SD/Memory Card

If you have a memory card in your phone, then remove that memory card. Your memory card is usually inside the battery cover or in a memory card slot somewhere along the edges of the phone.

Make sure you back up as many photos and videos as possible from your phone onto the memory card to take them to your new phone.

3. Erase Your Data (Factory Reset)

To erase all the data on your phone, you will need to perform a factory reset. 

Guide to perform a factory reset on an iPhone or iPad

Guide to perform a factory reset on an Android

Performing a factory reset erases the following data: 

-    Account settings 

-    Data and application configuration

-    Apps

-    Music

-    Photos

-    Other user data

-    Linked social accounts

4. Clean Your Phone

To clean your phone thoroughly, use a microfiber towel with some 99%+ isopropyl alcohol. This alcohol will evaporate and won't leave any residue. 


5. Box It

If you have an existing box, it is wise to provide it with your phone. If you are selling it to an online, you can use to pack the phone for extra protection. Otherwise, if you are sending it to a company that buys second hand phones, you can just use it as protection for the phone.