Credit Card Fraud Prevention Process

To protect our customers, we have introduced multiple fraud checking systems to check the validity of credit card purchases. We require all credit cards to be verified prior to dispatching goods.

If your credit card was declined or flagged, it may be due to reasons including: use of a proxy IP, an international credit card, mismatching information or a lost/stolen credit card. In these scenarios, we will request you to verify your credit card.

Verifying Your Credit Card

1. You can verify you are the owner of the credit card by providing the following:

  • A photo of your drivers license back and front or passport (please cover up your D.O.B)
  • A photo of the front and the back of your credit card (please cover up the middle digits on the front of your credit card, as shown below).

2. Alternatively, we can verify your credit card by charging a small random refundable amount under $1 to your credit card, with the amount charged being your verification code. Telling us the exact figure will prove that the credit card is yours. We will refund the charge after successfully verifying your credit card.

Your Privacy Is Important

Your privacy and personal information is very important to us,  which is why we recommend you cover up your date of birth on the license and the middle number of your credit card if you choose to provide it. We will keep these on file for 90 days in case of any disputes and after the 90 days, they will be destroyed. 

Uncomfortable With Providing Personal Information?

We respect that customers may not want to send us their personal information. If you do not feel comfortable with our verification process, you can still make the purchase using any of our other payment options.

Simple re-order using our other payment methods such as PayPal, POLi or EFT/Bank Transfer and we can refund your original purchase back to your credit card.

If you do not wish to continue with your order, please contact us and we will refund your purchase to your credit card and cancel the order.