Mobile phones are a modern day necessity. We depend on them for information, entertainment as well as communication. Many feel lost without them, which makes battery life a very important feature. An IDC survey showed that battery life was the key reason they chose their smartphone.

The obvious way to extend your battery life is by charging it. You can do this while on the move by utilising a portable power bank as well as a USB charging cable that is suitable for your smartphone. However, there are still many ways to extend your smartphones battery life If you do not have access to a charger, 

1. Dim Screen Brightness

Smartphones have beautiful LCD screens that burn battery power more than any other component. The larger the screen, the more thirsty it is. This is why decreasing your screen brightness to its lowest setting will make a huge difference to your phone's battery life.

2. Decrease Screen Timeout

The time it takes for your smartphone screen to timeout accumulates every time you forget to lock your phone after use. By reducing the your phone's screen timeout, these added seconds or minutes of battery life could collectively amount to something substantial.

3. Turn Off Bluetooth/Wi-Fi

Turning off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when you’re not using them are great ways to extend your battery life. When left on, they will frequently be sending off signals to other connections burning up battery life in the process.

4. Turn Off GPS/Location Services

If you are using GPS/Location Services for Google Maps or Pokemon Go, then you obviously won't be able turn these function off. However, try turning these functions off if you aren't using any apps that require them.

5. Turn Off Unnecessary Applications

Try turning off unnecessary applications as much as possible. It doesn’t make much sense to have unnecessary apps running in the background when you’re in a situation where every percent of battery life counts.

6. Turn Off Vibrate

Your smartphones vibrate function uses more power than your ringtone does. The vibrate function requires your phone to vibrate a smart weight to shake your phone every time a new notification pops up. Turning off the vibrations for tactile feedback is also just as helpful when you’re trying to conserve battery.

7. Turn Off Non-Essential Notifications

Some applications constantly notify you. Find out which of these applications are non-essential and turn off their notifications.

8. Turn Off Auto Sync

Your email has a setting which makes it automatically search for new emails periodically. Turn off this setting to conserve battery life.

9. Turn On Power-Saving Mode

Most smartphones have a power saving mode which has been configured specifically by the manufacturer. They are designed to optimally extend your smartphones battery. Turn this feature on.

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