3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable (1m)
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Brand: Akoda
Product: 3.5mm Audio Cable (1m)

Our 3.5mm Male-Male Audio Cable (also known as an Aux/Auxiliary Cable) is designed to connect your phone, computer, tablet or music player to a car AUX port, speaker or amplifier. This 1m audio cable has 3.5mm male connections on both ends.



•             This audio cable is designed for any device with a 3.5mm headphone jack

•             This cable is 1m in length

•             It is ideal for phones, tablets, laptops, computers, car AUX ports, external speakers and amplifiers

•             The cable colour is white





•              3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable (1m)



•              12 Months Akoda Warranty

Cable Length 1m
Colour White
Compatibility Any 3.5mm stereo port