Mobile phone usage is growing and this does not appear to be stopping with the increased adoption of smartphones in Asia, South America, Africa and The Middle East. Here are the latest mobile phone facts in 2016.

Over half of mobile phone users globally will have smartphones in 2018

The Numbers

There were 1.91 billion smartphone users worldwide in 2015. That figure rose 12.6% to 2.16 billion in 2016. This figure is expected to grow as smartphone use increases in Asia, Africa, the Middle and South America.

Operating System

86.8% of smartphone users were using an Android phone, 12.5% used an iOS phone and only 0.3% used a Windows phone. Only 0.4% of phone users were on using another operating system.

Apps Downloaded

90 billion apps were downloaded in 2016 on both the Apple iTunes app store and Google Play compared to 77 billion in 2015. This is a year to year increase of 16.8%.

Internet Speeds

A recent study found that Spain has the fastest 4G LTE networks in the world, with download speeds of 18 Mbps on average. Denmark, Finland and South Korea tied for second place with speeds of 17 Mbps

Spending on Apps

Publishers picked up nearly $89 billion in revenue from downloads, in-app purchases and advertising. The $89 billion figure will double by 2020 to $189 billion. Google and Apple made roughly $15 billion in commission. 

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