The Australian market for used smartphones and tablets is increasing in size, and more Australians are opting to purchase second hand devices rather than buying them brand new.The reasons as to why consumers are choosing to give pre-owned phones a new lease on life are very similar to the reasons why people decide to purchase used cars.

1. Financial

The main reason why consumers may choose to buy a second hand device is for financial reasons. These days many popular smart phones and tablets can carry a hefty price tag if purchased brand new; however, by buying second hand, one can enjoy owning the devices for a much lower price. Take the iPhone 6S 16GB for example; it would cost you $1,079 brand new, however a used one would cost $749 on

2. Environmental

Society is becoming more environmentally conscious and this is being reflected in our purchasing behaviours. There is growing number of electronic waste being produced and discarded each year as our use of electronic products increases. When mobile phones and tablets are incorrectly disposed off, they often end up in our landfills where they can potentially release toxic waste into our environment. Consumers who are environmentally conscious may choose to buy second hand phones, clothes and furniture among many other goods. Many Australian consumers purchase second hand phones as well as other electronics to reduce their overall environmental footprint.

3. Technological

There were many significant advancements in mobile technology during the initial iterations of the iPhone. however, there has since been a plateau in smartphone innovation and this has been noted by several large publications over the years. Recent new phone model by the big brands Apple, Samsung, HTC and LG have been relatively underwhelming in terms of functionality. What has really changed since the Apple iPhone 5S or Samsung Galaxy S4? With some minor additional software and hardware upgrades, is there really a need to upgrade your mobile phone for a slightly faster phone?

Why Aren't More People Buying Second Hand Phones?

The main reason stopping more Australians from buying a used phone is the same reason that stops some people from buying a used car. The average person is not a savvy mechanic and lacks the knowledge to judge a used phone’s quality. Akoda makes it easy for the average person to buy a cheap quality used phone risk-free. All mobile devices sold have been quality checked, tested to ensure 100% functionality and reset back to factory settings.

If more companies were to provide quality used phones at cheap prices, there would be a stronger second hand market for consumer electronics and ultimately a more sustainable industry for future generations to enjoy.


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